This is the Start Story of Dimension Fitness.


I'm a ham for an audience. I love everything about a performance. The lights, the nerves, the showmanship, the story. My start story might surprise you. It actually still surprises me when I look back on it. I guess you can say I never imagined myself where I am today, and certainly not the path I took to get here. But there is one thing I know for sure—I wouldn’t change a thing. 

So a girl missing two fingers walks into a strip bar… 

Ha! But for real. That’s actually where it all started. I grew up out side of Pittsburgh [Go Steelers!] in a little town named Union City and got a job as a dancer at a strip club. Its really where I fell in love with pole. And what some would say started it all. To me it was equal parts athleticism and sensuality. It was about strength, but also expressing a story. There was something challenging about sharing just enough to leave the audience wanting more.

Oh, and the missing finger thing. Yep, sliced off the top halves right off my middle and ring fingers in high school shop class. Because I was talking, like usual, and not paying attention. My gift of gab has always managed to get me in trouble. 

Because of that injury, I have to work harder than other dancers. To this day it hasn’t gotten easier. Its harder for me to keep a good grip without all my fingertips. But on the days Im feeling sorry for myself, I think about A) the competitive pole dancer that is missing her entire arm, yet still manages to be a badass and B) I get 20% off manicures. Silver lining my friends.

Anyway, my career as a dancer came to an end when I met my husband which is also what brought me to Cincinnati. My life began to flow in a different direction and I focused on new things that I was passionate about. It wasn’t until a friend from my church group jokingly suggested we should take a pole class that dancing came back into my life. 

I had found myself in a new city, hated the football team, and I knew very few people. So I took a private lesson from Becca Buck, and the rest is history. I felt immediately welcomed and as I like to say, found my fitness family.

Time speeds up when you’re having fun and loving what you do. So much in fact that the next day I bought a six month membership, a year later I performed in my first studio showcase, a month later I challenged myself to take every class offered at the studio, in one month, including LES Mills, Bootcamp and Zumba. A few months later I won my very first competition at the Central Pole Championships in Chicago! I have also won silver this past May and have performed in a number of showcases and am also a performer with Terra Fey Cincy and Passion Productions! I have also taken on new aerial apparatuses, Lyra(Aerial Hoop) and Lollipop, and love those almost as much as pole! I have met some of the most amazing people on my journey. Some that were there for a season, and some that will be in my life forever.

That brings us to today. The end of my Start Story and the beginning of yours. I’ve just accomplished my next big goal. Its no longer about my journey— its about helping you start yours.

I'm excited to announce that I'm the proud owner of Dimension Fitness. A place where men and women of every shape, color and skill level come together to set and reach their goals. From the seemingly impossible to the small and mighty.

Its a place where the brave embrace their flaws and the discouraged find pride in their imperfections, because its through these things that I believe true dimension builds.

Everyone starts somewhere and every story is beautiful. We are Dimension Fitness and these stories are about my fitness family.

I encourage you try a class. See how it feels. It could be, for you, the very beginning of your story.

Dimension is a multi-dimensional aerials + fitness studio using the power of movement and a supportive group environment to build you up, not break you down – resulting in full circle fitness with the ability to radiate into every aspect of your life. The mindset of our studio is built on these core beliefs:


Heather Veneziano