It’s playground time for adults.


I have found pole to be a versatile art form where you decide exactly what you want it to be. For me, it's pure fun. It is that same feeling I would get as a kid, right before I went running outside for recess. After a stressful day, it's my time to let out that pent-up energy and just be myself. 

Like most, it started as an alternative form of fitness, but I soon noticed it affecting areas of my life outside of just the physical results. In a supportive group environment, I began to move more than just my body. My thoughts were changing. and the way I saw myself and others became more positive. I gained more patience, control, and empathy. It’s amazing how much more powerful movement is when combined with the freedom to express yourself. However I was feeling in the studio that day was radiating out of my toes and fingertips.

I wanted to share this art form with more people. I felt compelled to put expressive dance in front of new audiences —whether it was to inspire someone in the audience to try it out, or to just send an important message to someone who needs — my mission was clear. I became an instructor in 2011, became a certified Group Fitness Instructor though National Exercise Trainers Association, and co-founded a Cincinnati-based performance group called Passion Productions. 

With seven shows under our belt and still growing, we share beautiful art forms that are grounded in strength, sensuality, and self expression.

One of the Core Beliefs I have learned is bravery. As a group, we encourage each other to set and reach new goals and try things that might be scary, but will continue to challenge us. So I set my sights on entering a pole competition. To date, I have competed and placed in:

Midwest Elite Division of the North American Pole Dance Championships: 2013, 2015, 2016

Pole Sport Organization's Central Pole Competition in the Professional Division: 2014, 2015

Selected as one of five national competitors to compete in Pole Theatre USA's Semi-Pro Pole Art Division: 2016

Won Silver medals in both Level 5 Professional Exotic Pole at PSO's Central Pole Championships and the Erotic Pole Art Elite Division at the North American Pole Dance Championships: 2017

What motivates and drives me every day is the opportunity to share Pole with people because I know how much it has benefited me. If you’re intimidated and don’t know where to start, sign up for a class [your first one is free!] and know that you will be in the right environment to be brave. Trying something new is a reward in itself!



Heather Veneziano